Be in charge of your pocket money.

About the app

K’ching is an innovative iOS app that facilitates banking for youngsters. The app’s users can not only easily transfer money between their own accounts and to accounts at other banks, but they can also monitor their account balance and the transactions made.

To serve its customers in a better way, K’ching includes a chatbot support and personalised contacts. In addition, you can “pimp” the application’s design with various colourful themes and even add photos and nicknames of your friends and family.


Despite the fact that the team members were in three different locations, we benefited from flawless communication, which made the app’s development process very smooth.

Appolica’s team reworked the entire app’s architecture, including the navigation menu.


K’ching is an easy-to-use app both for youngsters and adults. The innovative mobile application represents banking in a fun and interactive way.

K’ching’s robot serves as an indispensable helper for the app’s users, and thanks to its assistance, they can do virtually anything.

Two unique features make the application stand out:

  1. Withdrawing money from any CBC/KBC ATM, without your bank card, thanks to the MobileCash option.
  2. Paying online without your card reader via the MobilePay option. This feature is perfect for quick and secure purchases of items in an online shop.

Highly secure connections ensure nobody can hack your account. If you happen to be inactive for a while, K’ching breaks the connection to keep you and your details safe.

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