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We are a tech co-founder for startups, creating value and delivering successful businesses to market


Our story

We saw that non-tech founders often struggle to turn their ideas into real products and connect with investors. So, we created our company to help. We're a team of tech, design, and product experts ready to turn those great ideas into something real and valuable.

We are not just a team of top-tier talents. We are collaborators, innovators, and most importantly, believers in the transformative power of ideas. Every startup begins with a vision, and we’ve made it our mission to ensure that these visions are not just realized but are amplified, refined, and presented in their most potent form.


Appolica was founded

We started our journey with a simple goal in mind - to build scalable mobile apps that make a difference.

The pivot to startups

We recognized our mission to help the businesses of tomorrow grow.



Our founders were selected in Forbes' 30 under 30

Our founders were selected in Forbes' 30 under 30 for the support they give to young entrepreneurs.

Established an internal startup program

We help our team members bring their disruptive business ideas to life. We help them build, fund, and scale their products.



Gaining traction

We intensify our focus on enabling founders reach product-market fit and gain further validation. Startups we've worked with have raised more than £500m.

Appolica in numbers
rating on Clutch.co

Our 5/5 rating is a testament to our mission to turn big ideas into great products.

startup partners

We’ve teamed up with over 25 startups, and together, we’re making ideas come to life and businesses grow.

faster value proposition validation

With us, startups quickly figure out what works and what doesn’t, getting their products right and to market faster.

startups founded by our employees

Our team isn’t just about helping others; three of our own have started their successful startups, proving we’ve got the entrepreneurial spirit.

invested in startups we're partnered with

Our partnered startups have attracted over £500m in investments, showing the trust and confidence investors have in the businesses we help build.

acceleration in securing funding rounds within 12 months of partnering with us

Startups working with us see their funding rounds close 5 times faster, typically hitting this big milestone within just a year.

Our key values

Our company is built on our team’s deep beliefs, founded on solid knowledge, and driven by the desire for limitless possibilities. We consider our values the essence of our business and we integrate them every step of the way.


We don’t sit around waiting for tasks, expecting our clients to know what needs to be done. We like a challenge and we aim towards a holistic approach, so we take on one each time.


Innovation is king, and our job is to help you rule the kingdom. We'll keep your solution relevant, test its viability, chasing iterative improvements during every stage of product development.


We transform bold business ideas into exceptional mobile products, as if they're our own. Having your core values in mind, we're always searching for new ways to help you scale your business.

Our team

Appolica’s team is a collective, composed of top-notch professionals sharing a similar vision and professional passion, under the inimitable management of some of the best experts in the field.

Martin Markov
Chief Executive Officer
Ralitsa Ivanova
Chief Product Officer
Deyan Genovski
Chief Technical Officer
Stefan Atanasov
Engineering Manager
Zdravko Sulev
Sales Manager
Plamena Katsarova
Head of Marketing
Svetlin Lekov
Talent Acquisition Manager
Dayana Gocheva
People and Culture Manager
Borislav Budinov
Head of Project Management

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