Be part of a five-star team of innovators

Become an irretrievable driving force for constant innovation, leading to tech solutions with real-life impact.

Our core beliefs

We consider our beliefs the essence of our business and we integrate them every step of the way.


We don’t sit around waiting for tasks, expecting our clients to know what needs to be done. We like a challenge and we aim towards a holistic approach, so we take on one each time.


Innovation is king, and our job is to help you rule the kingdom. We'll keep your solution relevant, test its viability, chasing iterative improvements during every stage of product development.


We transform bold business ideas into exceptional tech products, as if they're our own. Having your core values in mind, we're always searching for new ways to help you scale your business.

Perks and benefits of working at Appolica

Home office policy
We know that achieving a good work-life balance means you might be needed at home and we respect that.
Baby bonus
What better news than bringing a new life to the world? We celebrate your best moments with you and your family.
Career advancement
We take your professional path very seriously and we make sure to have a solid plan for your success.
Additional healthcare
A healthy employee is a good employee. We value your physical welfare and we stand by you whenever you are in need.
Personal learning budget
Learning is a lifelong process of keeping abreast of change! We support your development and your future academic achievements.
Flexible working hours
The quality of your work rarely has anything to do with when you do it. We believe in flexibility.
Co-financed multisport
Sport is undoubtedly a preserver of health. We provide the opportunity to keep a healthy lifestyle.
We value our employees and their efforts. We schedule frequent evaluations and motivate your further productivity with corresponding bonuses.
Friendly and supportive athmosphere
Teamwork makes the dream work! We make sure you can feel the friendly and supportive team spirit in our office spaces.
Referral program
We trust our employees to be excellent experts and we believe they know other professionals alike. Know someone? Let us know!
Sport & wellness policy
All work and no play makes anyone a dull employee. We partake in different activities together, keeping our spirits outside the office.
Coffee, tea, snacks
Our office is the place where work hard meets play hard. We take it as our duty to spoil you with whatever we can.

Join us and make your own path in the ever-changing world of entrepreneurship

Appolica's Innovation hub is the space where our internal educational and entrepreneurship programs thrive. We provide guidance, practical know-how, and funding to our employees so we help them refine revolutionary ideas and unleash their potential.

Open positions

Appolica fosters opportunities to innovate, learn, and excel. Our team is always growing, and we look forward to welcoming new members who are looking to expand their potential. 

No active job openings at the moment.
No active job openings at the moment.
No active job openings at the moment.