We build and fund tech ventures


We’re a venture studio that works with founders from the ground up

We support entrepreneurs with funding, coaching, and resources at each stage

Validation phase

In the validation phase, we rigorously test and refine your idea, ensuring it has the potential for success.

Creation phase

During the creation phase, we focus on turning validated ideas into tangible products.

Growth phase

In the growth phase, we concentrate on scaling your business.

Validation phase

Validate your idea, gain traction, and close pre-seed funding round

Set up goals and plan your PoC

- ➤ Define user persona
- ➤ Define business, product, and  fundraising goals
- ➤ Define PoC scope

Talk with users and validate your idea

- ➤ Generate and test hypotheses
- ➤ Receive feedback from users and iterate

Gather feedback, iterate, gain traction

- ➤ Use less resources to see what works and what doesn’t
- ➤ Iterate and build your product based on data and feedback

Close pre-seed funding round

Creation phase

Build your MVP, gather feedback, gain traction, and close a seed funding round

Set up goals and align them with the roadmap

- ➤ Define business, product, and fundraising goals
- ➤ Define product scope and plan the MVP
- ➤ Plan user onboarding

Build and launch the product

- ➤ Generate and test hypotheses
- ➤ Receive feedback from users and iterate


- ➤ Start testing with users within 2 weeks
- ➤ Build based on data and user feedback and gain traction while building

Close seed funding round

Growth phase

Scale your business, expand market reach, increase revenue, and close a Series A funding round

Strategize for market penetration and customer acquisition

- ➤ Set long-term business goals
- ➤ Align with market trends
- ➤ Plan operational scaling

Optimize resources and polish the product

- ➤ Improve the product based on user feedback
- ➤ Enhance operational efficiency

Expand operationally and enter new markets

- ➤ Launch into new markets and reach new customer segments
- ➤ Implement targeted marketing and sales strategies
- ➤ Grow your internal team

Close Series A funding round

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We have successfully launched over 70 startups, demonstrating our proven track record in transforming ideas into great products.


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We’ve teamed up with over 100 partners, including media outlets, VCs, angel investors, and expert advisors, to provide comprehensive support to startups.


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With over 9 years of expertise in startup building, we bring seasoned insights and strategies to every venture.


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Our partnered startups have attracted over €500m in investments, showing the trust and confidence investors have in the businesses we help build.

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