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Martin Markov
Co-founder & Chief Executive Officer
Ralitsa Ivanova
Co-founder & Head of Venture Studio
Deyan Genovski
Co-founder & Chief Technical Officer

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Discover a thriving community full of people to learn from - from entrepreneurs and tech enthusiasts to seasoned investors and strategic thinkers, all dedicated to pushing the boundaries of what's possible in the startup world

Alex Popov
Angel Gyurov
Christina Nesheva
Deyan Vitanov
Ekaterina Hadjipetkova
Elena Nikolova
Galina Markova
Georgi Nenov
Georgios Kolovos
Hristo Hristov
Ivan Osmak
Iordan Mateev
Krassimir Piperkov
Mark Taylor
Mihail Stoychev
Momchil Vassilev
Stoyan Ivanov
Stefan Tzvetkov
Venera Alexandrova
Veselin Kolev
Viktoria Karoleva
Zoran Arsovski
Zdravko Zdravkov

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