A bit about our company

How it all started…

The story of Appolica began long time ago when we, the three founders, met. This was in 2008, back in high school. Fast forward 6 years we were all working in different software companies. We have always shared the view that there is only one way to accomplish something and that is by “Doing things the right way”. So in 2014 we decided that we have gained enough experience and we are ready to move forward and start our own software company.

Our mission and vision

We try to utilize all best practices in software development. All the members of our teams follow the Scrum methodology. We use jira for issue and time tracking. All of our employees use timesheets to log the time that they have spent on a certain task. This allows us to identify bottlenecks and to improve our estimation techniques. We are great believers that our teams should be self organizing and people should share knowledge between each other. One key part of our process is code reviews. The Code review helps the team to identify problems earlier on in the process. It also improves the knowledge of the codebase among the engineers. Moreover code reviews are a great tool to improve your skills and discover new techniques by examining your colleague’s work.

Our people

We believe that a good company is one where employees can freely express their opinion and share their thoughts on improving the product that we are working on or the development process. Having a fixed 9-5 working hours can be stressful and usually leads to drop in productivity. So our employees are allowed to have flexible working hours provided that they attend their scheduled meetings.

Giving back

Almost all software companies benefit in one way or another from the open source community. We at Appolica think that it is important to give back to that community. Because of that we open sourced a few of our libraries that we use on a day to day bases.