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KBC K'ching - mobile banking app for young people

K’Ching helps young people aged between 12 and 25 to become more financially literate and confident in managing their banking.

Our Goals

What's K'ching?

K’Ching is a mobile app designed to make basic banking easy for young people. The application allows youngsters to get to know the world of banking earlier in life, while parents are able to have control over their child’s account and keep an eye on it.

An app for the young

Education for young people on the topic of finances and banking is lacking in school systems as a whole, which makes children and kids unsure of their own money skills when entering the world of grown-ups.

K'ching in numbers

Key Features

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Profile registration
Email Receipts
Use Data Screens
Training Mode
Purchase Order System
Full System Security
Membership Cards
Customer Purchase History
Promotional & Price Updates
Customer Rewards Program
Employee Activity Report
Customer Balance
Transaction Report

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