How to create an MVP: a 7-step checklist to launch your product in 3 months

Follow these steps to test your app idea, identify what you need to get your MVP to market, and build а winning mobile product
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Why choose Appolica?

We're focused on building tech products and providing business know-how to fast-growing ventures that want to disrupt the market. Looking for a partner to turn your startup into a scale-up? In need of someone to execute your software projects and strengthen your innovation ability? We've got you covered!

Appolica has a very experienced team working across a diverse range of product and technology developments. They're very diligent and practical when it comes to considering how they're building an app and how it's going to the market. We hope to continue working with Appolica as our product evolves over time.

Niamh Sullivan
CEO and Founder of Parachute

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