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In the fast-paced world of startups, we’re the tech allies you need. Think of us as co-founders, fully invested in bringing your innovative ideas to life. We’re all about agile solutions, cutting-edge technology, and the kind of creativity that turns a spark of an idea into a blazing success. We don’t just solve problems - we anticipate them, always two steps ahead, ensuring your startup is not just in the game but leading the pack. With us, you’re gaining a powerhouse tech co-founder, ready to catapult your startup into the realms of success and innovation.

360° approach

From idea to implementation - that's how we do it. Product specialists, UI/UX designers, developers, QA engineers - we have a dedicated team of top-notch profesionals to meet your needs from start to finish.

Digital innovation

We will build your MVP following a “build-measure-learn” process, which will allow you to release a product which will be constantly improved as you learn what serves your customers in the best way possible.

Deep expertise

Our developers are experienced in developing software products using the latest tools and frameworks, creating the best possible technical solutions. By leveraging the Agile methodology, we deliver top quality while meeting the deadline.


We strive for the most accurate product-market fit, being well aware iteration is key. Our team adapts and improves each product constantly to achieve a world-class solution for the specified target.

We work with startups in different stages


Validation stage

Main goal:
At this initial stage, startups are focused on validating their business idea, building momentum(traction) and closing Pre-Seed Funding round.

How Appolica can help:
Appolica steps in as a tech co-founder, utilizing low-code/no-code solutions to swiftly turn ideas into a working PoC. We focus on building only what is needed to get to the next stage, ensuring resources are used efficiently. Our team also provides startup design support, crafting intuitive UX/UI and prototypes that effectively communicate the startup's vision, entrepreneurial advisory, and access to a network of VCs and angel investors.

Our approach


Creation stage

Main goal:
During the Creation stage, the primary objective is the creation and refinement of the MVP. It’s a phase of iterative development, where feedback is integral, and adjustments are made to fit the market and user needs perfectly. The main goal is to Launch the MVP and gain enough traction for closing Seed Funding round.

How Appolica can help:
Appolica is instrumental in this phase, offering tailored solutions for rapid MVP development, ensuring it's focused on core functionalities. We employ an iterative development approach, integrating user feedback to make real-time enhancements. Our blend of tech expertise and startup advisory ensures that the MVP is not just built but is strategically positioned for user validation and investor attraction.

Our approach


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