On The Market

The easiest way to search for property in an ad-less, spam-less, and distraction-less way.

About the app

Imagine having the chance to search and find property, using just one app. Since January 2015, that’s possible! OnTheMarket offers all prospective buyers, sellers, tenants, and landlords a simple, state-of-the-art property search, allowing customers to browse without any intrusive ads, spam, or distractions.

Appolica’s founders were the people who developed the core parts of the OTM mobile app and delivered it on time. The development process included the use of cutting-edge technologies, and we were among the pioneers in the IT industry to adopt some of them.


When we started developing OTM, the client’s main goal was to be competitive and even rival the two biggest Property agencies in the United Kingdom.

At the time we began the development process, swift was an emerging technology, and Apple had just released its first stable version. Our founders firmly trust that, “Brilliant developers should always strive to use the latest, ground-breaking technologies.” For this reason, they convinced the client that swift is the right way forward. This proved to be extremely beneficial since it became the standard programming language for developing iOS applications.

The development of the Android app also proved to be quite challenging because the design had to follow the material design. Google had just released the specifications for material design, and no tools nor libraries to help support material design on old devices existed. Thus, the team had to build and style each and every UI component manually.


Bearing mind that we had very complex responsive tablet design, we have built it from scratch to ensure we designed to perfection even the tiniest UI and UX elements.

OnTheMarket app covers the entire U.K. property market, including commercial properties in the U.K. for sale and to rent, as well as overseas properties for sale. Users can search properties for sale, new homes, and farms, estates & land. They can be sorted by min and max price, property type, and # of bedrooms. The app also allows the handy option to evaluate your home’s worth.

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