Clear your inbox, clear your mind.

About the app

Filtr is an iOS application for filtering e-mails. It arranges them by applying rules and filters on the basis of attachments, contacts, date and time, potential newsletters, as well as spam.

Filtr is an upgrade of the previous idea of the start-up – Emailio – which serves for organising one’s e-mails into relevant intrays according to the e-mail’s urgency.


The first challenge for Appolica was the custom UI with tonnes of graphics and animated controls. Additionally, Filtr is a start-up, which had numerous complex ideas. In that regard, our team had to implement and test whether each of the ideas were good for the users or not.


If e-mails are dominating your precious time, taking all your necessary attention, and even causing you huge amounts of stress, there’s a solution for all those challenges – Filtr.

The intelligent, new application is an indispensable helper in sorting out urgent e-mails from lower-priority ones, or even e-mails a user should have never seen in the first place. Filtr does all this magic by suggesting you rules to arrange your inbox by urgency so you can laser-focus on the important matters.

With the app, you can also easily unsubscribe from newsletters, receive the most important e-mails first, and postpone bank statements and bills for the end of the month.

Filtr helps you deal with all these, is free, and doesn’t require a new e-mail. You can simply manage your existing Gmail account.

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