Become more productive by getting only the email you need, when you need it.

About the app

Emailio is a highly customisable e-mail client developed specifically for power users who receive 200+ e-mails a day. The application arranges your e-mails into relevant intrays. The urgent ones go into the “Now” Intray, while all others are collected in the “Daily” or “Weekly” Intrays. By analysing your usage patterns, Emailio suggests automated rules and organises your e-mails by urgency.


Appolica’s client was a start-up with many complex ideas that required custom implementation. Since they already had an existing app and it would have proven quite challenging to upgrade it due to its old architecture, we decided to write a completely new one.

Another challenging responsibility during the development process was that we were operating with personal e-mails and users’ existing work. For that reason, we had to be extremely careful nothing got lost or sent to the wrong folder (Intray).


Emailio’s key feature – the Swipes – needed very complex custom UI implementation. We developed the feature entirely from scratch and only for this app. In addition, we added  an independent syncing system, specially designed for Emailio’s purposes.

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