Belot Scorer

No more searching for pen and paper for tracking down the score of the card game “Belot”.

About the App

Belot Scorer’s aim so to easily write down the score of “Belot” while you take pleasure in your favourite card game. You no longer have to carry a pen and paper or to calculate the result whenever you decide to play with friends. Moreover, whenever you decide to leave the app, your game is saved and can be continued at any time.

The team of Appolica has developed Belot Scorer both for Android and iOS. The app prides itself on simple and easy-to-use design, reminding users of the ol’ pen & paper. The application not only calculates the score automatically and has the option to correct mistypes, but it also supports multiple Belot game variations.


Before the app, Belot players had the option to either start a new game or carry all the sheets of paper to keep track of the scores from previous games. And calculating the score by yourself often lead to unpleasant mistakes in the final scores.


Now, with Belot Scorer, fans of the game can finally play it, without the need to always search for pen & paper. Writing down the outcome and automatically calculating the final score is just a click away thanks to your phone – a personal belonging you carry with you all the time.

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