Our Mobile Application Development has helped the following industries


Get an extensive, custom mobile app for your Financial Business. Appolica aids financial companies and enterprises in implementing a mobile strategy across their specific locations. Our team can integrate chat bots and personalised themes, incorporate payments and transactions through the app, and synchronise everything to function with ATMs.


Receive a bespoke mobile app for filtering emails. Appolica’s Team helps companies in implementing fully-fledged mobile applications for email filtering. These apps aid users in organising and managing their inbox. Our team can develop sophisticated animations and transitions, as well as custom user workflows. Users can take advantage of various filters for date and time, attachments, contacts, newsletters, and spam.

Social Networks

Let your clients benefit from a social network mobile application that makes their lifes easier and your business better. Our team can develop social networking apps with the following features:

1) Finding co-workers in a given radius around the user.

2) Anonymous chats, posts, and ratings.

3) Bar & restaurant locators that allow a user to watch his/her favourite team.

We pride ourselves on giving end users a comprehensive search functionality for the best results.


Enhance your Health or Fitness business with a fully-featured, custom mobile application. Our team specialises in helping Healthcare and Fitness companies implement a mobile strategy for their industry. Fitness mobile apps benefit from features such as finding and booking a personal trainer, as well as managing personal workouts and gym schedules. If you are in the Healthcare niche, we can develop for you Pharmacy and Hospital locators, as well as Personal Diary, Information, and Medical Advice for specific diseases (like psoriasis). Appolica can also implement a solution that creates and manages Health insurance through the mobile app.


Get your company a thorough mobile solution if you need an app that allows you to:

  1. Manage property sales/rents, permitting users to browse them through an extensive search system.
  2. Seamlessly document details of construction issues or deficiencies.
  3. Make simple yet ultra-comprehensive validation of Wi-Fi network coverage and performance.

Photo & Video

Facilitate your efforts by getting a fully-featured photo or video application. Appolica’s Team can develop applications that import videos from library and edit them by adding highlights, recording, and songs, as well as placing ads that are attached to specific objects in the video. Users can then upload the edited videos to the web.


Advertise your brand using custom-built mobile applications. Appolica can aid you in advertising your products via a mobile app. Users can benefit from interactive features, such as 2D animations and voice recognition.

Kids & Games

Provide heaps of entertainment to both kids and adults with cutting-edge mobile apps with various features. Appolica can develop interactive audio book players for children, mobile logic games combining maze walls with numbers, as well as apps that unite games with short videos aimed at educating the youth.


Get your business a fully-functioning, custom mobile app that enhances your brand. Our team can develop for you various features, including:

  1. Quick interaction with co-working spaces and co-workers. App users can effortlessly book a meeting room and be in control of their own listings.
  2. Managing business events, internal documentation, HR resources, internal chats & project collection, and company’s staff.
  3. Providing live technical assistance and support for users on the go.